Main window

One can divide the main window into three parts, the top panel where all button is located. The left panel, that lists of your plants. The last part is the main panel, where the information about the plant you selected will show.

The button panel contains:

Closes the program

Creates a new plant

Save the plant. If navigating to another plant without saving before changing plant, your changes will be lost.

Add picture to selected plant

Removes selected picture on the selected plant. If no picture is selected the button will be grayed. (Note: if the plant you selects got pictures, the first picture will be auto selected. It does not remove the picture from the hard drive)

Displays a window for creating/modifying/removing soil mixes.

Displays a window allowing you to create/modifying/deleting a custom plant list.

Will delete selected plant from the programs database (Note: This action is irreversible, when your plant is deleted it is gone)

Displays a window with links for this help and contact information.

Will create a pdf in 'My DocumentsFleurieReports'.

On plant panel you have three tabs, Plant, Soil, Pictures. On the plant tab you fill out all the information about the plant. If you click on the text ”No image available, click here to add image” you will be able to browse to add a image as a mainpicture to your plant. On the soil tab you can choose what soil mix you have used, (Note: The comment in the soil tab is related to the soil mix, not the plants soil mix).

The picture tab will show all pictures added to the plant one by one. Use the arrows next to the image to browse the pictures. If you are viewing the first picture and click previous, the last picture will be shown. Just as if you are viewing the last picture and click next, the first picture will be shown. You can also click on the picture to view too see it i a larger window. There is a category filter that shows all categories for the current plant. When you choos a filter only those pictures with that category will be shown. Choose "(no filter)" if you wish to see all pictures. To the right in the picture tab there is a downward arrow for more information about the picture.

The reports are created at 'My DocumentsFleurieReports'

The database is created at 'My DocumentsFleurieDatabase'

Handle soil

This window is also divided in three. The top panel contains all buttons. The panel to the left contains all available soil mixes. The right part is the main panel for mixing soils.

Closes soil mix window and returns you to the main window.

Save the soil mix. If navigating to another soil mix before saving all changes will be lost.

Create a new soil mix.

Deletes the selected soil mix. (Note: The soil mix cannot be deleted if it is in use).

Displays a window allowing you to create/modify/delete ingredients

To the left you got the list of all soil mixes you created. And the main part to the right will show the soil mix.

When creating a soil mix, click on new soil. This will display a blank panel to the right. Enter the name, create date, and if you wish a comment of your soil mix. The bottom haft of the soil pane you have all available ingredients to the right. Select one and click on << to add, To the left you have all ingredients you already have included in the soil mix. If you wish to remove one ingredient from the mix, select the ingredient in the right list “Included” and click >>.

Handle Ingredients

This window is divided in three panels. The top panel contains all the buttons. The left panel lists all ingredients. The right panel contains all information about the selected ingredient.

Closes ingredient window and returns you to the soil mix window.

Saves the ingredient. If navigating to another ingredient before saving all changes will be lost.

Creates a new ingredient

Delete the selected ingredient (Note: The ingredient cannot be deleted if it is in use)

Handle custom lists

This window is divided into three panels. The top panel contains all the buttons. The left panel lists all userlists. The right panel contains all information about the userlist.

Closes the userlist window and returns you to the main window

Saves the userlist. If changing userlist before saving all changes will be lost.

Creates a new userlist.

Deletes the selected userlist.

In the information panel you have three buttons,

This will open a new window to add a new condition

This will open a new window with the selected conditions information pre selected

This will delete selected condition.

Write the name of the custom list, this name will be shown in the list of plants on the main window. You can also choose a picture for your list, shown together with the list name. The size of the picture should be no bigger than 32*32 pixels.


This window will display one condition. Select group, field and operator, and your condition. The operators you can choose between is

‘=’ Takes exactly what you have written in your condition. (Note: ‘=’ is case sensitive)

‘between’ Takes everything between the first value and the second. This option is primarily for dates but will work for texts to.

‘Like’ Allows you to use wildcard characters. You can use the wildcard characters ‘%’ and ‘_’. ‘%’ replaces 0 or more characters, ‘_’ replaces one character. (Note ‘Like’ is case sensitive)

‘Starting with’ Matches your condition with the starting text of the chosen field.

You can add one or more conditions to a userlist, but be aware of each condition adds to the conditions you already have.